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Here are a few comments from our many satisfied customers:

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DISCLAIMER: Rick from Custom-Ears here, Jaybird sent me a sample of the new Freedom Bluetooth headphones for review.

The Freedom Headphones from Jaybird, their newest entry in the ever-expanding bluetooth headphone market, sound great! I'm very happy with the battery life, and with a pair of my Custom-ears Custom-Audio earpieces, I have found that the bass is nice and full, Highs might suffer a little, but for a pair of Bluetooth workout headphones, they are excellent and most should find them satisfactory for their music needs while working out, jogging, or (my personal favorite) skiing. With my Custom-Audio earpieces, they definitely benefit from a good seal in the ear canal, and the full range of these headphones is actually much better than their size would indicate. Having been a fan of Jaybird for years, they do not disappoint. I can't comment about the personalized eq settings, as I couldn't tell much of a difference between them, but overall an excellent choice for someone who is active and wants good sound while working out, jogging, etc... I would definitely recommend this headset to an active person who doesn't want to sacrifice good sound for a low proflile bluetooth headset. The included charger/battery has proven very useful for longer listening sessions. Just snap the auxiliary battery onto the control set & get extended listening time. I've used them on the fishing boat, skiing, hiking, and in many other outdoor activities. To get your own set of Jaybird Bluetooth headphones, visit the kind folks @

Rick Marchus, Owner -

Hello Rick, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how great this earbud has been. I’ve worn it every day for about two months: fits great, sounds great, doesn’t budge. I can’t believe I didn’t do this a lot sooner!

Mark M. - Hopkinton, NH

Rick, I Just wanted to let you know I’ve been using the earpiece for several weeks now and LOVE it. I’m sure it’s prevented accidents already, and I can hear so much better. I’ve even gone to wearing my Jawbone on my morning walk and listening to music and podcasts.

Scott R. - Sacramento, CA.

Hello Rick,

I received my earpieces on Friday and used them for the first time yesterday. They are great! I loved the color, glitter, fit and sound they produce. I’ve only worn them once so far, I use them when I run on the treadmill, so I haven’t had any problems with comfort, but I am aware of the adjustment period. I am very happy with the quality of the product. I have to say, I did a lot of searching on the internet looking for someone to make me some custom earpieces because the generic pieces that came with the headset as well as the aftermarket earpieces I purchased did not stay in my ears. I went to about 8 different websites and contacted 4 of them, including yours, and you were the only company to get back to me, and as of today none of the other companies have gotten back to me. Perseverance pays off! (I don’t think your website came up in my searches the first few times I looked, not sure why it didn’t, but I am very happy to have found you!) Thank you so much for your help!

Best regards,

Laurene S - Dublin CA..


It's a rare find to get the kind of advice and collaboration I received from this fine company. I would have bought the wrong product had I gone without the guidance Rick offered.  He even steered me away from a more expensive product.

I'm an avid biker and wanted to add the dimension of quality sound to my Harley Davidson experience. I have that now and man has it expanded that experience.

I'd tried the best helmet, a Schuberth S2 for noise reduction and added the best speakers you can put in a helmet.  Because of the size restrictions on a speaker it's really difficult to get quality sound in a helmet.

The Challenger dual drivers with the soft silicone housing from molds are perfect! . Comfortable and SUPER high fidelity.  At low volume I can get enough outside world. At high volume i can still hear the bike but a novice rider may want to keep the volume low.

Off the bike they are equally awesome. Fantastic sound! I'm having ear buds made for my Bose noise cancelling earphones as well, plus regular ear plugs for sleeping or other needs. The comfort is amazing.

I highly recommend this company

Dave Rand

Disney Studios

Los Angeles, CA.



I have always liked my Jawbone Icon HD unit, but did not like the ear attachment. Thank you for your custom ear piece attachment. Feels like a part of my ear... Great fit !!



FYI !! This will be my second custom ear-bud.  My first one was for my Jawbone Icon HD, this one's for my New-Style Jawbone ERA.
I highly recommend that anyone with a Bluetooth purchase one of your custom ear buds.

Dan L. - Sonoma , CA



I've been using your products for several weeks now. I previously owned an expensive set of custom in- ear monitors. I will admit to not liking the feel of the softer material initially.   I've come to like it though.   I'm able to wear them longer with more comfort. The other IEM's tended to have a deeper canal fit…but I think the closeness of fit will have to go to your molds. I purchased quite a few products from you so I will list them separately.

1. Earpieces for Blue-Buds X: awesome fit. Makes these bluetooth headphones incredible.
2. Bluetooth earpiece for Jawbone Era: awesome fit. Wearing this for extended periods of time comfortably is now possible.
3. Bluetooth earpiece for TheBoom V4 Dictation Headset: I don't listen to anything while dictating, but this earpiece makes this unit fit very comfortably.
4. Full ear plugs: awesome fit. Keeps water out well.
5. Canal only plugs: great fit. Comfortable all night long. Sleep better on trips.

Thanks for the great products and the even better customer service.

Brett W. - Rapid City, SD


All I can say is wow!
The Jawbone Era I bought kept sliding out of my ear, and was therefore unusable.
The moulded earpiece just sits there comfortably, blocking out most external sounds. It's fantastic!

Tom B. - Melbourne Australia



Great customer service is something that has seemed to have lost in the last century, but Rick has found it and believes in it.

I originally found Custom-ears when searching for custom earmolds for my Bluebuds X. That email string between Rick and I must have had 30 emails with me asking questions and him answering. He answered my every question, gave me a discount and never complained. I got them and loved them, they fit well, didn't fall out and I am still using them.

I went back to him when searching for a more low profile, sound isolated IEM during the Christmas holidays after a very annoying 4 day car ride.  Again, Rick was answering my emails during what I am sure was his vacation, recommending and helping me decide on the Aurisonics AS-2s.

Getting custom ear molds is not a quick process, but Rick was there before, during and after I got mine, helping me and answering every question I had quickly and knowledgeably."

Jonathan K. - Springdale, AR

See Jon's review @ the address below (copy/paste to your browser)


I received my Custom-Ears Bluetooth earpiece today for my Jawbone Bluetooth.  WOW! Love it!  It fits perfectly.  I drive for a living and also am a bit hard of hearing.  The old over-the-ear loop drove me nuts as it kept falling out of my ear.  If you are using a Bluetooth in your ear, you need to get this custom ear mold.  My calls and email inquiries were responded to extremely quickly.  I am TOTALLY SATISFIED!

Paul W. - Arlington, TX


I'm a senior citizen,hard of hearing and on oxygen 24/7. Getting a headset to stay in my ear with the tubing always interfering was not possible. Plus I had to push it into my ear and turn the volume to max to hear (almost hear) . Your earpiece completely solved everything. No more falling out, no more earhook and with volume down 2 settings I can hear clearly. Courteous, fast service and excellent product. Thank you.

David J. -Vernon, AZ


I wanted to let you know that my custom ear buds are great. My recent business trip was a 5-hour flight and I used my ear buds for 4+ hours in both directions to listen to my music on the plane. They were very noise isolating and comfortable. I was finally able to fully exploit my Shure headphones and hear all the nuances of the music. The experience was great. This was one of the nicest treats I have given myself.

Penny S. - Altamonte Springs, FL


I've worn a hearing aid for years, and always had to use the speakerphone on my cell phone so I never had any privacy for calls. It wasn't until I had gotten a new phone with bluetooth that I bought a Jawbone icon to use with it. The Icon kept falling out of my ears and was uncomfortable so I started looking for a better way to keep it in my ear like my hearing aid earpiece. It was while searching under Jawbone I found Custom-Ears and found that others had thought of this idea. So, off to my Audiologist for a ear mold and sent it in. This earpiece combo with the Jawbone is fantastic! Comfortable in the ear, great sound and volume. I also use this for not only my phone but for music and audiobooks from my iPod. And I found with a little bluetooth transmitter I can also attach to my Nook and my TV for better sound. For a person very hard of hearing this is a wonderful find and has really opened up so much more for me. Privacy with phone calls and volume that is loud enough so that I can actually hear. I wish I had found this sooner. Sadly, it seems that Audiologists aren't really informing people about this - at least mine didn't. Thank you for offering this service!

Ramona R. Hansville - WA.

Wow! My custom earpiece just arrived and OMG why didn't I do this before??? I have a tiny, crooked ear canal and could never find a headset with an ear bud that would even stay in place. Ended up with a Motorola Oasis which hooks over the top but still had to press on it with one hand to hear anything, which pretty much defeated the purpose of having a headset. This little piece of molded plastic has changed my life already...I can even slip my glasses on without dislodging it and I'm hands-free at last. Such great customer service too...I messed up my first mold and Rick sent me another batch for free and coached me through the process. Rick, you rock! I'm sending you every friend I have with ears...large or small :) Tina

Tina W. - Berkeley, Ca..


I just jogged for the first time with my Aurisonics ASG-1 Monitors, and WOW! They stayed firmly in my ears the whole time and
sounded GREAT! No wiggle, no worry about them falling out of my ears. Finally a headphone set I can jog with and enjoy my music
with no worries...It was like a party the whole time!

Casey M. - Centennial, CO

Hi Rick, Just wanted to say thanks so much for a great product...I have really enjoyed the custom earpiece that you made for me.
It fits perfectly and just wanted to let you know that I will be doing more business with you and your company and spreading the word.
Again best regards and thanks so much!

Ray M. - Fort Worth, TX



Hello Rick, I received my Custom Ear today. The fit is amazing. Thank you for all your follow up.

(a day later, from the same person)

Just some more feedback on my new Custom Ear mold..... I was listening to music on my Jawbone Era (Custom Ear mold in place)
with my Motorola Atrix in a TuneBelt armband. After an hour on the trampoline, (back handsprings, back tucks, front punch flips, etc)
my Custom Ear kept my Jawbone in place successfully without a concern. I am extremely pleased! BY THE WAY... I am also a runner.
I normally use my Atrix, Motorola S9-HD, Zephyr Bluetooth Heart rate monitor, and Sports Tracker Pro. The software mutes my music
during a workout to communicate real time performance data (speed, pace, heart rate, etc). Before my trampoline workout, I ran a
few miles to check the feasibility of running with the Jawbone and utilizing the high quality microphone. This was also extremely
successful, however I believe the trampoline workout was the extreme test for my environment.Thank you!

Gary D. - Vacaville CA.


The molded ear-pieces significantly helped in my abilities to hear my Blue tooth Ear piece! Prior to the ear molds, I was constantly
pushing my Blue Tooth further into my ear, to better hear my caller despite max volume and I also had to hold it in place... Now those
problems are gone and I can hear my call at Volume Level 1, also in good comfort, being able to ditch the ugly and uncomfortable
“over-the-ear” brace. Plus, I had problems with the Post Office delivering my initial shipment and the crew at Custom-Ears was
extremely helpful, going out of their way to to send another shipment and checking with me every day until I got it. Great customer
service and great experience! Thanks for all your help!

Andrea M. - Lake Forest CA


Just wanted to say how pleased I am to finally have a way to keep my bluetooth in my ear without it constantly falling out or hanging
loose. I work in two businesses daily, one at a desk, the other out and about, the desk job can be handled easily while I'm away if I
use the bluetooth, but I rarely did because of the frustration of it coming loose. Now with the Custom-Ear attachment, I use it all the
time, and am conducting business easily without the hassle. Thanks so much for the product.

Dave R. - Quincy, CA


I own a fantastic bluetooth device called the Jawbone Icon to go along with my awesome iPhone 4, but the Icon had one BIG issue,
no matter what I did, the thing was always falling out of my ear, no matter which of the "attachments" that came along with it from the
factory, plus there were many times it was difficult to hear, even at full volume.

Then I discovered your website - which offered custom molded bluetooth earpieces. Of course, being a skeptic, I
was not convinced any earpiece would truly stay in my ear all the time, but the owner himself, Rick, assured me that if I followed his
simple easy-to-use directions I would soon own a comfortable earpiece I would be absolutely happy with, in fact, he guaranteed me
I'd love the perfect custom fit. I went from having the iPhone up at full volume – to turning it down almost all the way. What a
great product, keep up the good work Custom-Ears!

Kevin M. - Quincy, CA


The entire process was very fast and the owner went out of his way to help me with my order. The process of molding my ear for the
custom earpiece was very easy and came with very simple instructions. Before I had my custom earpiece I had to have my Jawbone
Prime on its highest volume, now it is always at 1/2 volume. Fantastic fit and very comfortable to wear all day long. It is also great for
the gym as it never falls out no matter what I am doing. Thanks for your help.

Jim C. - Watervliet, NY


So I've been using jawbone all weekend and it's great! It doesn't fall out of my ear anymore and it's really comfortable. I appreciate
you sending another mold after I messed up the first one and that you where accurate on how long it would take for me to get my ear
piece. You have good business ethics. I will definitely refer you to my friends. Now I will see how good the quality is by seeing how
long my ear piece will last. Thanks!

Andre R. - Ventura CA.


I ordered two earpieces, one each for my wife and myself, and received my order within a few days. My wife is very happy with the
fit and sound quality she now has. I have tried several types of devices and find this earpiece to be the most comfortable and easy to
wear. The enhanced sound quality is very good. I'd say it's worth every penny.

Dave B. - Quincy, CA



I want to thank you so much for your product. I have been through earpiece after earpiece. I have a jawbone device, but the earpieces
that came with it were absolutely worthless. I tried several different gels from other companies on the jawbone, and the best one I
could find were from the Jabra BT250V, the reason that I liked them was because they directed the sound into my ear canal a little
better, but the problem was I had to use the ear hooks--which are uncomfortable--and when I would eat, the gel would wiggle out
and I would constantly have to readjust the device. Your custom-ears are awesome, I just went through my first whole day of use and
I am very pleased. I no longer need the over the ear hook, and when I eat, the earpiece stays put, I have not had to readjust it once.
Also, I work in a wood shop, and because it does such a great job of blocking outside noise, I can put one earplug in my other ear and
I am good to go! Even the initial molding process was a fun experience, I thought for sure that I would mess up the mold somehow but
I followed the directions, sent in my impression, and a few days later this exceptional, perfect fitting, earpiece comes back and WOW. 

(That's Joel's testimonial at the top of this page... Rick)

Joel M. - Greenville TN


DECEMBER , 2014 - 

At long last, the AURISONICS ASG-1PLUS and ASG-2.5 have finally crossed my desk. I've had a set of the first customs they offered, the AS-1, as well as the ASG-1 (generic fit) monitors, since they first came out. They had pretty good sound, but not GREAT sound. I still loved them for certain things... All of that has changed. The ASG-1PLUS (Generic - Customs available - fit with 14.2mm driver and one Next-Generation tweeter) have the same great, full sound of the AS-1 set, but with the added tweeter, they have a much better full range sound. I can finally hear clear cymbals in the music in my library - everything from ABBA to Zeppelin. I'm listening to Neil Young as I write this, and am hearing subtleties in the music that I have been missing since 1974!

ASG-2.5 is a completely different beast. One size fits all monitors (Customs Available) with Tunable Bass, Two Next-Gen tweeters & the same excellent 14.2mm driver, I can't say enough good things about these rich, bright monitors. I was listening yesterday to a live recording of Jackson Browne that I've heard many times over the years, and thought I knew every sound on it. Turns out, one of the audience members coughed. I've never heard that before. Aside from the cough, I immediately noticed that the sound (like nothing I've ever heard) seemed to be in the middle of my head, even at low volumes. Cymbals were very crisp, without being tinny or overpowering. The balance of the full range sound did not waver whether I tuned the Bass all the way up or all the way down. I finallly settled on about 1/2 way between zero and full bass. Everything I've listened to so far with them has just made me love these monitors more. Today, on both vinyl & digital recordings, I sampled the Eagles, Cheryl Crow, The Black Eyed Peas, The Police, Gwen Stefani, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Willie Nelson, MIles Davis, Robert Cray, Robert Plant, Zappa, Zeppelin, Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, Lee Ritenauer, Dave Matthews & a bunch more. I can't find any genre of music that isn't dramatically improved on these monitors. Yeah, they aren't cheap, but anyone who really appreciates great sound will be glad they spent the extra money. I certainly am. Yeah, you read that right - these headphones were not comped by the good guys @ AURISONICS (see rockets below) but It was worth every penny!

I also just received my set of AURISONICS ROCKETS headphones for review (thanks to Dale, Andy & the crew at AURISONICS).  They are AWESOME!  Finally, a set of everyday consumer headphones that I don't immediately think i need custom earpieces for...  The isolation is excellent, the sound is very clear and full range reproduction is excellent. Woven Aramid wireset is very sturdy, and I can't wait to put them through the daily test & evaluation that usually accompanies any new product, but they were very impressive out of the box.  They come in a sturdy metal case and inside you'll find a zippered leather case for transport, several options for bud size & wiring options.  Great highs, very full sound, & BASS that was very impressive.  These are headphones that I will be telling my friends about!


Rick M. Quincy, CA  



1/1012 - I just had a set of Custom-Ears Challenger DUAL DRIVER headphones made last week, and I'm very happy with the sound!

They’re a perfect fit with excellent sound isolation and great sound.  Soft earpieces with the drivers built right in.
I clean carpet (among other things) for a living, and I can put the headphones in when I start the machine for hearing protection and turn on some tunes to get me through the day. They are very comfortable for hours on end, too. Anybody with a noisy job where music would be a welcome addition should have these! I will often wear them when I'm alone on the fishing boat to drown out the motor with low-volume music.

I also love my new Custom-Ears bluetooth earpiece for the Jawbone ERA. I got this one in Black, for a change of pace. Yep, I have the earplugs for sleeping in noisy environments. Our English Mastiff has a snoring problem, and I can't hear her at all
with our comfy earplugs in place.

Rick Marchus, Owner


6/2012 - I put a pair of Custom-Audio earpieces on a set of Plantronics BackBeat Go headphones, and really love the fit & enhanced sound that the isolatoing earpieces provide.  I can't imagine a pair of headphones that would not benefit from Custom-Audio earpieces.

11/2012 - Loving my Custom-Audio earpieces for my Jaybird Freedoms, EXCELLENT
addition to an already wonderful product! I can now listen to music wirelessly from my iPhone
and still take calls while working, fishing, or just hanging around enjoying the beautiful Northern Ca.
Mountains. - Get your Freedoms at, that's where I got mine! I love these custom
products so much, I can't imagine having to go back to the painful, poor fitting, generic earbuds
that I've replaced with Custom-Ears products.

11/2012 - I recently received my AS-1 AURISONICS headphones, after having the ASG generic-fit monitors for awhile.  The Custom-fit of the AS-1 is very comfortable.  Sound reproduction with these Musician's Monitors is great!  Very flat sound, not too heavy on any aspect of the sound and the ambient sound blocking is among the best I've heard with an acrylic headphone.  I'd definitely recommend these great monitors to anyone who is looking for an affordable IEM.  Keep a lookout for the AS-2 series soon.  They feature the same great 15mm drivers plus paired next-generation tweeters in each enclosure. Call or use the 'Contact Us' page for more details.

1/2013 - I have been using my Custom-Audio earpieces on a pair of Jaybird BlueBuds X headphones for several days now.  The battery life on the new Bluebuds X set is very impressive!  I'm getting all day use out of the headphones with complete comfort, paired with my Custom-Audio Earpieces.  Sound characteristics (to me) are better with the Customs, because they isolate so well allowing the full range, beautiful sound to come through.  I can answer the phone when they are connected to my iPhone, too.  This is my new favorite wireless headphone combo!  I don't sell the Jaybirds, but you can pick up a pair for yourself at

2/2014 - Had a chance to break out my Dual Driver Challenger headphones last week after trying several other new headphone & earpiece combos, and was reminded why I thought they were so good in the first place.  I put them back into the rotation of the headphones I use on a daily basis.  EXCELLENT isolation & great sound, too!  An excellent combo for people who fly frequently and don't want to be disturbed.


Rick M. - Quincy, CA



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