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Order your Challenger Headphones before MAY 31, 2017 & we will refund $15 per set via PayPal. Simply order on the site @ full price and you'll receive an instant rebate of $15 per set via your payment method whether PayPal or your credit card, whichever you chose as a method of payment.

Discount pricing for duplicate earpieces
Many of our customers have requested a second, duplicate earpiece, so we now offer a duplicate earpiece at a discounted price.
This is a great option for the person who has two bluetooth devices, or just wants a spare in case they misplace the first one.
Duplicates must be same-ear, same device as original order, you can get a different color if you'd like. Duplicates must be ordered within 21 days of original order, as we do not retain impressions over 30 days.
Duplicate Bluetooth Earpiece in No Color - clear $60 - Add Color $65.

Duplicate CUSTOM-AUDIO earpieces, $110 per pair for duplicates in your choice of colors..

Duplicate Hearing Protection earplugs, $85 per pair in your choice of colors.

Duplicate sets of Challenger Headphones, $15 off the second set, or current sale pricing - whichever is better. 

Duplicate offer not valid for any items not mentinoned above.

New Pricing
We've changed our pricing across the board. Colors are now included at one low price. We found that many of our customers
wanted colors, but did not want to spend extra to get them. So we've lowered our pricing on color-added earpieces across the board by up to $5. This gives the customer a choice without having to pay extra. It actually streamlines our order processing, so it's a win-win!


  •  To keep costs low,we have changed our shipping policy. We pay to ship your impression kit to you, and we pay to send the finished product back to you. Our new mailer is self-addressed, but not postage paid. This means that you'll pay to ship the inpresson to the lab. The cost is usually under $2.75.                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • SHIPPING ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS:                                                                                                                      
  • Due to the ever increasing cost of international shipping, we have instituted a new policy for all international orders with the exception of Canada:                                                                                                                                         
  • 1) Order your product from the 'Order Now' page.  We'll email you with instructons..                                                           
  • 2) Obtain your impression(s) locally and ship to P.O. Box 1025 Quincy, CA.  95971 U.S.A.                   Once we receive your impressions, we will make your earpiece, headphones, etc... and ship them back to you at our expense.   We are happy to absorb the cost of shipping the finished product, but it is prohibitively expensive to ship in the manner we use for domestic orders.                                                                                                                                     
  • 3) If you cannot obtain an impression locally, we will be happy to ship a kit to you.  There is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $25 USD. Simply send a request via email and we will send an invoice for international shipping in the amount of $25 USD. via PayPal.  Once payment is received, we will immediately process your order and send out your kit in our next daily shipment.  When you've made your impression, ship it to us at the address above.  We will send the finished product back to you at our expense.
  • SHIPPING TO CANADA:  We ship the impression kit to you for free.  We ask that you pay to ship the finished impression to our lab and we will pay to ship the finished product to you. Our Canadian friends have reported that shipping costs may range from    $5 to $10 to ship to the lab, depending on your location in Canada.  We cover the rest. 
    TARIFFS, where applicable, are the responsibility of the customer.


Q)     How do you manage to keep your prices so much lower than the competition?

A)      We rely on word-of-mouth from our many satisfied customers, not paid advertising. 

Q)     What exactly is the procedure for having an earpiece or headphones made?

A)       Simply navigate to the 'Order Now' page and select your item.  Pricing for all items is on this page.  After selecting your product and                        indicating which deivce, color & options you want, you will be redirected to our PAY PAL page where you can check out.  Your order will

            be processed immediately and you will receive an email from us, usually within the hour.  We will then send you an impression kit (or                  two for headphones) along with directions for making your impression.  (NOTE:  We recommend having an audiologist make your

            impressions if you are ordering headphones or Custom-Audio earpieces, as a deep canal impression is needed)

            We will also enclose self-addressed packaging for you to send your impression to the lab, where the earpiece will be made.  Once your order is completed, we'll email you and let you know it's on the way to you.

Q)    What if I don't have a PayPal account?

A)     No Problem, when you select 'Add to Cart' from the 'Order Now' page, you'll be directed to our pay pal page where you can select

           'Check Out' or 'Check out with PayPal'.  Simply select the 'Check Out' option, and you will be prompted to securely enter your credit card                   information.  We accept all major credit cards.

Q)     How long does it take to have a custom earpiece made?

A)     On average it takes 8 to 10 working days for most products. 


Q)     If I send in my own audiologist impressions, can I get them back?

A)     Yes, just ask us to return them with your order.

Q)     Can I combine a color and Glitter?

A)       Yes, but on some opaque colors the giltter may not show up as well as other colors.  If you want to be sure, just give us a call at the

             number below.

Q)     How do I find out if you can make an earpiece for my specific Bluetooth or Headphone model?

A)       It's easy.  Just give us a call or email us using the 'Contact Us' page & tell us what deivce you have.  If we have the specifications for your             device, we will let you know (we have most specs on file).  If we have not made earpieces for your specific model, we can still make an

             earpiece, but you may need to submit your device to the lab along with your impression.  We DO have the specs for most devices, but as             there are new models released  every week, there are likely to be some devices that we do not have templates for.

Q)    What, exactly, is your Guarantee?

A)     If in the first 90 days you find that your earpiece is not comfortable, we will adjust it for free.  If necessary, we will re-make it.

            if it still isn't meeting your expectations, we'll give you your money back.  No hassle, no hoops to jump through.  Simply return

            the  earpiece to the address below & when we receive it, we'll issue an an immediate refund.
P.O. Box 1025
Quincy, CA. 95971

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