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Custom Audio Earpieces, Bluetooth Earpieces & Hearing Protection

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Jawbone ERA with our custom molded earpieceCustom-Ears Bluetooth Earpieces
Our most popular item is the Custom-Ears custom molded Bluetooth Earpiece.
Custom-molded for most brands and models of bluetooth devices.
Custom-Ears Bluetooth Earpiece makes your device fit and sound better than you ever imagined!

Tell us what Bluetooth you have —
we’ll make a custom earpiece for you.

With our Custom-Ears Bluetooth Earpiece, your Bluetooth will be more comfortable, secure and will sound better than ever before.

• Comfort: It's molded to your ear, it follows every
  contour perfectly.

• Security: Your bluetooth device will fit perfectly with no jiggle or
  need to constantly re-position. It stays in your ear so you can
kiss the clunky over-the-ear-wire goodbye!

• Better Sound: The earpiece perfectly follows the curves of your ear and blocks outside noises better while directing
  the Bluetooth sound right into your ear canal. Some have reported turning their volume down from full blast to 2 bars
  and hearing their calls better!


Available in many colors, see color choice list below


Custom-Audio Earpieces Custom-Audio Earpieces
for Earbud Style Headphones

Custom fitted to your ear and molded to fit the earbuds that came with your ipod,
mp3 player, etc... They provide Excellent sound & Perfect fit. It's what you've been looking
for to keep your earbuds in your ears while jogging, exercising, skiing, or just riding the bus. Hear your music like it was intended to be heard!

No more loose earbuds. No more pain from having to push them deep into your ear
to stay in place. Better sound at lower listening levels.

Choose from any color below $130 per pair.

  "So comfortable, you'll hardly know its there!"



Custom-Audio Earpieces
for Aftermarket Headphones

We will custom-mold a set of earpieces for your headphones. If you have an
aftermarket pair of great earphones like Jaybird, Bose, Klipsch, Sennheiser,
Shure, Sony, Motorola, Plantronics, Apple and many, many more.
Simply tell us what earphone model you have and we'll make your
custom fit earpieces that will remind you why you
upgraded in the first place!

This includes most Bluetooth headphones with earbud style speakers like the
Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones, & wired headphones like the Aurisonics

ASG-Series IEM monitors shown right with our Custom-Audio Earpieces

Most brands and models are available.
Chances are, we already have a template for your model.
If not, we can make one especially for you!

If you'd like to be sure we can fit your aftermarket headphones,
e-mail your make and model to and we'll let you know.
We can fit most headphone models,
including most bluetooth stereo headphones

$130 per pair in your choice of colors.


Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth headphones with Custom-Audio earpieces in clear
Original Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth headphones with Custom-Audio earpieces in clear. We can fit most Jaybird products.

Aurisonics IEM (Generic fit model) with Custom-Audio earpieces shown in clear.

Aurisonics IEM (Generic fit model) with Custom-Audio earpieces shown in clear.

Custom-Ears Challenger Series HeadphonesCustom-Ears Challenger Series Headphones
Challenger Series Single & Dual Driver Headphones

Low profile custom earmolds. The headset comes with a stout 50" hardwired cable
(plug to earpiece), and a stereo jack. An excellent choice for joggers, skiers and other active people.You get a perfect fit, guaranteed, and GREAT SOUND!

Custom-Ears Challenger headphones also provide sound isolation as good as, in many cases better than, headphones costing twice as much. The custom earpieces are a better fit, too! We love them for daily use. The cords on these headphones are some of the best we've seen!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to use the Challenger headphones for hearing
protection in loud environments - such as hearing protection with the ability to listen to your music source, we recommend that you have an audiologist make your ear impressions. This will provide you with the best possible sound isolating properties. We will call or e-mail you with instructions for your audiologist.

CHALLENGER SERIES HEADPHONES are available in Single,\ &Dual Driver
models. Available in many colors, see color choices below.
For specs, drop us a line from the 'Contact Us' page

Prices start @ $210

Custom Molded Earplugs
Also available for children. Goes great with Gummi-Bear earrings!


Custom Molded Earplugs

A young person with her green
custom earplugs.

Custom Molded Earplugs

NOTE: For best results, a pair of professional audiologist impressions is required.

Ask your audiologist for deep canal, full shell impressions including helix. 

Not included in purchase price.

Available in your choice of colors.
Child-size earplugs available in full shell only.

Bright colors and custom comfort make
hearing protection fun!

Also very good for keeping water out of
little ears while swimming.

Prices start at $95

See 'Order Now' page for options.


Colors are available for most items we offer.
Several Color choices available, ONE LOW PRICE

Clear (no color), Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange, Magenta & Brown

Glitter is also available on some items.
There is an extra charge for glitter. See order form on “Order” page.


Industrial Strength Hearing Protection!
Available in many different styles, from Full Shell, deep-canal sound blocking earplugs to Canal Only earplugs that are suitable for
sleeping or low-profile sound blocking. We also offer filtered sound plugs that let the necessary sounds in while filtering out unwanted volume levels and frequencies. Attenuation levels available up to 26-28 db.

Our most popular items are in the 'Order Now' page, or you can drop us a line from the 'Contact Us' page for more choices.
Tell us what your needs are, and we'll make you a set of custom molded earplugs to help you protect your hearing.

You should know:
Our audio products are designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind. As with ALL headphones or bluetooth devices, it is
important that you do not listen to your audio source at excessively high volume levels, as permanent hearing damage may result.

Always be aware of your surroundings while using your headphones.
Do not drive while wearing headphones.
Use at your own risk.

Your One-Stop Source for Custom Molded Earpieces
At, we offer a custom molded earpiece that fits your ear exactly, you'll never have to settle for a poor fitting bluetooth device or stereo headphones ever again. We send you a do-it-yourself impression kit to make a mold of your ear at home. Drop it in the mail (we pay domestic postage) and your custom earpieces will arrive at your door in 8-10 working days.  For international orders, we pay to ship you the impression kit & finished product.  We ask our international customers to pay to ship the impression back to the lab.  Local rates may vary.  Please allow additional shipping time for international orders.

Perfect Fit, Every Time, Guaranteed. - 90 day Money Back Guarantee on Custom-Fit & Comfort.

With any of our products, you always have the option of having your local hearing professional make your impressions. Simply
discard the kit we send you and enclose the impressions from your audiologist in the box we send you & ship it off to the lab.


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Now you can choose from several colors at no extra charge
Color list is above and on order now page

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